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Vein Ablation

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Vein Ablation

Vein Ablation services offered in Houston, TX

Vein ablation is an innovative therapy that treats varicose veins without surgery. At Houston Vein Specialists in Houston, Texas, experienced board-certified vascular surgeon David D. Shin, MD, RVT, RPVI, FACS, uses the most advanced vein closure system available, ClosureFast, to give you excellent and long-lasting results. Call the office to schedule an appointment now.

Vein Ablation Q&A

What is vein ablation?

Vein ablation is a minimally invasive procedure that treats saphenous vein reflux. Saphenous veins drain blood from the feet and legs, returning it to the heart for recirculation. With saphenous vein reflux, the vein valves don’t close properly, and blood accumulates in the veins. 

Saphenous vein reflux is the root cause of most varicose veins, leg ulcers, and other disruptive symptoms in the legs.

Vein ablation is the standard of care to treat saphenous vein reflux. At Houston Vein Specialists, Dr. Shin uses the industry-leading ClosureFast vein ablation system to destroy the vein from within and alleviates the problems caused by saphenous vein reflux.

How does vein ablation work?

You receive local anesthesia to keep you comfortable. Then, Dr. Shin inserts a catheter into the diseased saphenous vein and delivers radiofrequency energy to the vein walls. 

The radiofrequency energy heats the vein walls, which collapse and seal off. Then, the blood reroutes to other veins nearby, and the symptoms caused by saphenous vein reflux stop. 

The procedure only takes about 30 minutes. 

What happens after vein ablation?

Immediately after your vein ablation procedure, you can rest in a recovery area for a short period. Dr. Shin applies a small bandage over the catheter insertion site and tells you how and when to wear compression hosiery to support your recovery. 

You can typically resume normal activities right away. Most patients experience symptom improvement in only a week or two. 

How does vein ablation compare to vein stripping?

Vein ablation is a safer and more reliable treatment than vein “stripping,” a surgical procedure that removes or ties off the saphenous vein. Additionally, vein ablation requires little to no recovery time; vein stripping recovery can take weeks or longer. 

Patients experience less pain with vein ablation versus vein stripping and find recovery far easier overall.

Does insurance cover vein ablation?

If your vein ablation procedure is medically necessary, health insurance most likely covers it. 

Dr. Shin performs comprehensive ultrasound examinations to find the root cause of your symptoms and determine whether they originate from the saphenous vein, which generally means treatment is medically necessary.

To learn more about this innovative treatment for problem veins, call Houston Vein Specialists now.