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Phlebectomy services offered in Houston, TX

Phlebectomy is a highly successful cure for bulging varicose veins. At Houston Vein Specialists in Houston, Texas, premier vascular surgeon David D. Shin, MD, RVT, RPVI, FACS, performs phlebectomy using tiny, 3-millimeter incisions so small you don’t even need sutures to close them. Dr. Shin performs phlebectomy on-site, and you can usually resume most normal activities the next day. Book your appointment by calling the office today to arrange this vein-vanquishing treatment. 

Phlebectomy Q&A

What is phlebectomy?

Phlebectomy is a treatment to eliminate varicose veins. At Houston Vein Specialists, Dr. Shin performs ambulatory phlebectomy, a minimally invasive treatment that can have you back to your regular routine within 24 hours.  

During a phlebectomy procedure, Dr. Shin creates tiny incisions just 3 millimeters long above the varicose vein. He removes the vein in small sections, sending the blood into other healthy veins. 

Because phlebectomy completely removes the diseased veins, you see immediate results. More than 90% of patients who undergo phlebectomy experience long-term resolution of their vein problems. 

Who should consider phlebectomy?

Phlebectomy might be right for you if you have bulging varicose veins. Many people with varicose veins experience issues such as: 

  • Leg fatigue
  • Leg itching
  • Leg burning
  • Leg swelling
  • Leg heaviness
  • Leg pigmentation
  • Leg ulcers

Phlebectomy addresses all your vein-related symptoms at one time while improving the cosmetic appearance of your legs. 

What does the phlebectomy procedure involve?

Your phlebectomy takes place at Houston Vein Specialists. Before the procedure, Dr. Shin administers local anesthesia to keep you comfortable. He then creates tiny cuts to access and remove your varicose veins. 

In some cases, Dr. Shin may recommend combining phlebectomy with other procedures, for example, sclerotherapy or vein ablation. Phlebectomy usually targets larger veins; the other procedures treat small to medium veins. 

After your phlebectomy procedure, Dr. Shin applies small bandages over the incisions. He then wraps a compression bandage around the treated area. Your compression bandage helps you heal and reduces swelling.  

Dr. Shin encourages patients to walk right away to keep the blood moving and greatly minimize the risk of blood clots. He provides detailed instructions on wearing a compression bandage until your follow-up appointment. You can return home at that point.

Recovery is usually comfortable. Elevate your legs and take over-the-counter pain relievers (as recommended by Dr. Shin) to ease any mild discomfort you may feel. 

In general, you can resume physical activity the next day but avoid strenuous exercise until cleared by Dr. Shin. 

To learn more about how phlebectomy can ease your varicose vein pain, call Houston Vein Specialists today.