Venous Stasis Disease

Venous Stasis Hyperpigmentation and Ulcers

If venous reflux disease progresses, it can result in venous stasis hyperpigmentation or ulcers.  The skin above the ankles can become darkly pigmented and thickened.  Swelling can also be associated with this condition.  In advanced stages, the skin can breakdown forming an ulcer that is difficult to heal.  These changes are a result of increased venous pressure and inflammatory reactions that occur in people with chronic venous reflux disease.  All patients with these findings should be evaluated by an ultrasound exam to determine if there are specific veins that can be treated to alleviate the venous reflux disease.  Eliminating the abnormal veins will slow down the progression of the disease, and improve the skin changes and leg swelling associated with chronic venous reflux disease.  Treatment will also help heal current ulcers and reduce the recurrence of future ulcers.

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