Patient Testimonials


“Over the last several years, I started experiencing a heaviness feeling in my both my legs after standing and walking for long periods of time. The heaviness was usually accompanied by pain in my lower legs and feet, with slight swelling around my ankles. Occasionally, I would also experience a sensation of what felt like bugs crawling up and down my legs, usually at bedtime. After watching a special news segment regarding the VNUS Closure procedure performed by Dr. Shin, I decided to make an appointment. After the initial consult visit, it was recommended that I have the VNUS Closure procedure performed on both legs.  I had the VNUS Closure procedure performed by Dr. Shin. My legs have never felt better. The results of the procedure were immediate. I noticed the day after the procedure the heaviness feeling was gone. After a few more days, I wasn’t experiencing the reflux feeling. Now, after standing for long periods of time, my legs don’t ache and I’m able to enjoy my life without the pain and discomfort I would normally have experienced prior to the procedure.  I can’t express enough how wonderful it feels, being able to enjoy spending time with my children, playing for hours, walking the dogs, or shopping at the mall without feeling miserable and wanting to go home and put my feet up. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who has had any of my symptoms. My only regret is I wish I would have had it done sooner. The procedure does have cosmetic benefits, but those are really secondary to finally having relief from the pain and discomfort.”

L.K., Houston, TX


I first became a patient of Dr. Shin’s in 2006. I was very frustrated with the lack of integrity and ability of the physician in my home town. I would have to wait for 2 hours beyond my appointment time only to have the doctor spend 5 minutes with me. His medical information appeared out of date and it was necessary for me to report to other facilities for tests outside of his office. He determined I required 8 separate procedures in 8 separate visits to address my problems.  I knew I had to look elsewhere for my vein leg pain which was becoming increasingly worse. When I went for my first appointment with Dr. David Shin, not only was I greeted by a delightful staff, I only had a 5 minute wait before seeing him! He has the most current equipment, which he uses on the spot… there is no need to go anywhere else for tests. He has a very thorough way of explaining his findings that left me with a clear understanding of my medical condition and he immediately had a plan to solve my problem with only one additional visit…. all of this during my first trip to his office. He completely healed my vein problems by the one procedure he performed and I am so grateful. As an added note Dr. Shin is a kind and loving family man; he is always very professional yet he makes you feel like family by the kindness he shows you as his patient. The world is a better place because of such a great physician.

P.D., Sour Lake, TX


I have been going to Dr. Shin for treatment of spider veins. Dr. Shin and his staff are extremely friendly, affordable, and always available for follow up questions. I continue to receive maintenance treatments a few times a year for my veins and am so happy with the results! Dr. Shin and his staff make sure each patient receives the specialized treatment they need. I have referred many friends to Dr. Shin who are also extremely impressed with his patient care and treatments.

S.F., Houston, TX


Very positive experience, would recommend without hesitation Dr. Shin and his staff worked very hard to make sure I got a favorable result. He has a great bedside manner and his staff are friendly and effective as well. It’s obvious everyone there is very competent and focused. I have had several procedures (RF ablation of two valves, sclerotherapy, and excisions) and am pleased with the results of all of them. His office is comfortable and there’s been no problem or even inconvenience working with my insurance. One of the aspects I like best about my experiences with Dr. Shin is that he has done all of the procedures with no sedation, anesthesia, or even stitches. They did everything I can imagine to make dealing with a pretty advanced case of ‘chronic venous insufficiency’ (also called superficial venous reflux, I think) and varicosity in the leg as comfortable, hassle-free, and cost-effective as possible.

B.G., Houston, TX